Work with me

Work with me

Hi 👋 My name is Daniel Jarjoura,​ a software engineer turned tech investment banker.

Engaging with developers has been the common thread in my career. I was trained as a developer, managed developers, educated developers, and helped developers start companies 🚀

I'm a Managing Director at Avolta, a boutique European investment bank, where I advise CEOs of developer-first companies on M&A and growth fundraising operations.

I also advise founders and technology leaders on how to hire, manage and engage with developers 🧑‍💻

You can see below how to work with me. Drop me a note, and I will let you know if I can help: daniel @ unicorn-cto . com

📚 Management for Software Engineers Course

Management for Software Engineers is the course I wished I followed when I moved from engineer to manager. I've condensed into this program decades of research and best practices on what makes a great software engineering manager and made it practical, actionable, and adapted to your needs.

More than 100 CTOs and technology leaders have already followed this self-paced course. Check it out here.

🎓 Workshops and Training

Custom workshops and training programs for your team on management for software engineers (based on this course) or better engage with developers.

🎙️ Public Speaking / Podcasts

Available for speaking at events, webinars, and podcasts.