Random encounters over virtual coffees

Random introductions to technology leaders in the TLT21 community

One of the things I do the most during coaching sessions with technology leaders is to introduce them with other leaders that are not in their immediate circle. As I shared in my Networking online class (members only), one of the biggest misconceptions that we have about building networks is that relationships should form spontaneously. That's why university buddies, as well as current and former colleagues, make most of your professional network.

So, instead of being about size, a successful network is about shape. Research shows that being in an open network instead of a closed one is an excellent predictor of career success. In an open network, everyone doesn't already know each other and, as a result, you are in between many different clusters.

Since you are now several hundred to read my essays every week, I thought it could be a good idea to start September with a networking experiment. For all interested subscribers, I will do one random introduction with another technology leader in the TLT21 community, inviting you to chat for 30 minutes over virtual coffee.

Are you interested in participating in the experiment? Just fill out the form below (or click here if your email client doesn't display the form), and you will receive an email from in the coming days. Happy networking!

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