Letter to members (November 2022)

Everything that happened at The Unicorn CTO in September and October 2022

Dear Unicorn CTO members,

I'm trying out a new communication channel between each other to cover, every month, everything that happened in the program. In case you haven't been (very) active on Slack last month, it's an opportunity to catch up with the new members and updates.


  • There are 80 members from 15 countries in the program.
  • Live workshops are now on Wednesday at 5:30 pm; you can sign up from the Notion.
  • I've added an Engineering Management Learning Path to Notion, a structured self-served learning program.
  • I'm experimenting with weekly group coaching sessions and 1:1 office hours.
  • I'm working on our first in-person (un)conference in January; more details soon.

I've also recorded a tour of the program. You can watch it here:

1/ Members update

Since transitioning from cohort-based training to a yearly membership last June, I've onboarded 17 new members. With training participants who are also enjoying the membership, you are 80 members in the program from 15 countries as of today!

So you know, I've set myself an objective of ~300 members, enough to have diversity and frequent interactions without becoming too large to navigate. I'm hoping to reach that number by 2024.

2/ Knowledge Hub

Over the past two months, I've made several updates to The Unicorn CTO Notion page. What you need to know:

2.1. The Knowledge Hub is now the entry point to The Unicorn CTO content. From this page, you can sign up for workshops, watch replays, look at new links in the library and access the members' directory. So you know there are over 30 hours of replays, online courses, and hundreds of links in the library.

2.2. As a reminder, you can attend as many live workshops as you want, but please sign up on Notion, as the sessions are limited to 8 participants. Sessions are every Wednesday at 5:30 pm CET. Here are the following topics if you're interested in attending: Managing Up, P&L Management, Fundraising for CTOs, Managing your board, Technical due diligence, Creating a writing culture, and Public speaking.

2.3. I've created an Engineering Manager Learning Path. A Learning Path is a structured curriculum leveraging existing Unicorn CTO content to achieve a specific learning goal at your own pace. In this case: becoming a great Engineering Manager. The Learning Path is for new and existing Engineering Managers and CTOs who are starting to manage teams of 5+ members. There are around 20 hours of video + readings + assignments to complete from one session to the other.

3/ Coaching

I'm experimenting with two new formats to help you tackle challenges unrelated to a workshop topic: group coaching sessions and one-on-one office hours with me.

The goal of group coaching sessions is to leverage the collective intelligence of participants to help you solve your current challenges. In these sessions, I mainly ask challenging questions and enable participation.

If there are topics you are more comfortable talking about one-on-one, you can also book an office hour with me. There aren't many slots available, so first come, first serve.

4/ In-person events

I experimented a couple of weeks ago with an in-person coaching workshop with members and outsiders. We were a small group and had a lot of fun role-playing coaching situations. I will keep experimenting with this format in the future.

I'm also working on organising a 2023 (un)conference. Unlike a traditional conference where a few people decide the agenda and talk, and the rest listen, at a (un)conference, all participants can add topics to the agenda and facilitate discussion sessions. More details soon.

That's all for me! Thank you very much for reading until the end, and I look forward to talking to you soon.