VP of Engineering - Hiring Guide


VP of Engineering Hiring Guide

In a software organisation, a Vice President (VP) of Engineering is responsible for leading and managing a company's software development. They oversee the design, development, testing, and maintenance of software products and systems.

A VP of Engineering is a critical hire for a technology organisation that could help you accelerate your growth or, if wrong, completely slow you down.

To help you hire your future VP of Engineering, I've created a Notion guide that contains the following:

  • More information about the VP of Engineering role and responsibilities, including the differences between a CTO and a VP of Engineering;
  • A VP of Engineering competency matrix with 15 competencies;
  • A list of structured interview questions to assess the candidate on each of the 15 competencies (so 15 questions);
  • A sample scorecard;
  • And a sample interview schedule.

Click here to access the template --> https://unicorn-cto.notion.site/VP-of-Engineering-Hiring-Guide-ea3ff182e6754b2f930501b3e34997ea.