Group Coaching - Managing a remote engineering team

With the recent move to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many engineering leaders have realised that managing a remote team can be quite challenging.

How can you effectively track work and productivity? How can you make sure that everyone is still motivated and works towards the same goal? How do you hire and onboard new engineers? How do you have difficult conversations?

To help you address all these challenges (and more), Iā€™m organising this Thursday, October 22nd at 9 am PST (6 pm CET), a Group Coaching session for engineering leaders managing remote teams.

Why Group Coaching?
Group Coaching is a facilitative process that leverages the resources and knowledge of a group of different individuals to address common challenges. During the session, each participant will share a challenge to the group to spark a conversation so everyone can share their experience and best practices. For each topic, I will point out the different models and theories that exist and share additional resources to read.

This session is completely free of charge, but if you want to attend (or send someone from your team), please register on the LinkedIn event. The session will be limited to 10 attendees only.