Embarking on a New Journey

Returning to more operational roles and the future of The Unicorn CTO.

Hello friend 👋

After an enriching 3.5 years of advising top technology leaders on managing and scaling their teams, I’ve decided to return to more operational roles and stop my journey as a 1-person advisory business.

In 2019, when I concluded my journey with my last company, H2 Innovate, I was eager to venture into another startup. However, destiny had other plans, and I started advising technology leaders. This unexpected detour allowed me to delve deeper into engineering management, team performance, decision-making, and other critical aspects of technology leadership.

As an advisor, I collaborated with exceptional founders and executives, gaining invaluable insights into the challenges and solutions for scaling technology organisations. I also capitalised on this experience to write over 100 blog posts, develop educational courses, and foster a global community of tech leaders from over 15 countries.

As I now set out to return to a more operational role, I will no longer accept new advisory and training clients. For the coming months, I will dedicate my time to helping MWM, a French consumer app scale-up, and Expandi, a Dutch B2B SaaS startup, build high-performing teams.

The Unicorn CTO will go back to being a newsletter with a paid subscription to access the courses, the content library and the community. More on that soon.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the incredible executives and managers who have trusted me over the past 3.5 years. You made it worth it.

Onward ↗️