Alexey Bogatyryov - CTO at eFarmer
The course helped me re-prioritise my day-to-day work in order to make long term technological plans. A wonderful opportunity to communicate with peers and look for solutions together.
Pierre-Charles Bertineau - CTO at Kiplin
Daniel has no answer for your individual challenge but he’ll push to ask yourself the true questions, or change your point of view on a situation. Anyway, this program brings much more by sharing with peers!
Thomas Cottin - CTO at Kactus
Daniel’s method and support has been invaluable to grow as a CTO. His methodology helped me reframe and better understand problems until the solution became clear. I strongly recommend Daniel’s services to become a better leader and manager
Sara El Afia - CTO at Groover
The program equips us with methodology and tools to manage all the actions of a CTO. There is really an effort to rationalise the issues.
Cyril Pluche - CTO at Vauban
The Unicorn CTO is great. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to broaden their vision and perspective of leading a technical organisation. In 10 weeks you meet inspiring leaders, share interesting challenges and grow. Very impressed.
Tony Malghem - CTO at Tokeny
2021 marked my first year as a CTO. To say that I was scared is an understatement. Thanks to the Unicorn CTO program, I was able to meet peers that were facing the same issues as I did, and I had the chance of meeting Daniel who really taught me
Tomasz Marcińczyk - CEO at Restimo
The Unicorn CTO program helped me organise my knowledge and develop as a leader. I was able to confirm and change some business assumptions, expand my professional network and prepare a study list for the following months. I heartily recommend it.
Piotr Nazarewicz - CTO at
The programme is more than leadership training, this is a journey with great content, structured sessions with practical weekly assignments and conversations with a lot of sharing of knowledge and perspectives, which I found really enriching. The programme is a step forward in developing my leadersh…
Arthur Patora - CTO at Yubo
Daniel’s help has been very valuable in structuring our management at Yubo. He nailed down some key issues with our organisation, motivated us to change and challenged our decisions. Thanks to him we have managed to grow our team multi-fold.
Mattia Tabaglio - CTO at Agade
Unicorn CTO is a comprehensive course that covers all the hot topics for startups that are in the growth phase. Daniel is a good coach, clear in his explanations and precise in the delivery of the study material, as well as prepared on all topics covered. Unicorn CTO provides the
Sammy Teillet - Head of Tech at Libeo
Daniel manages to cover all the issues a technical leader faces in quite a small amount of time while giving tips and actionable next steps.
Léo Unbekandt - CTO at Scalingo
Daniel has been instrumental in my ability to step back, refine and realise my vision as CTO and co-founder. The structure of our organisation would not be the same without his help and effective coaching.